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“Chronicles of Ryerson High” – A collection of short stories by Royce Sebastian Brown

Several students experience the supernatural, mysterious, and life changing phenomena that occur within the walls of Ryerson High School.

10 inch height x 8 inch width

33 pages


“Sweets” – A children’s book written and Illustrated by Royce Sebastian Brown

Cover for "Sweets"

Jacob was born with an unusual condition. Sugars, candy, doughnuts and fats all make him HEALTHY while vegetables, vitamins and nutrients all make him SICK! But after a fateful accident on the class field trip to a candy FACTORY, his life will change forever.

10 inch height x 8 inch width

94 pages

$18.99 (plus shipping)


Short Fiction Written Pieces

3-4 min. each
3-4 min. each

“Bandages”-A series of Themed Paintings by Royce Sebastian Brown

Acrylic paintings representing what we would look like if our emotional inner injuries could be visible to the world as physical, exterior injuries for just a short while.

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French Vocabulary Videos – Beginner 

Basic words and phrases, greetings and nouns in French. Told in the form of 3 minute vignettes.

French Language Videos – Intermediate

More sophisticated grammar and vocabulary. No captions. Animated clips.