The Artwork of Sandro Sebastian

A video giving a brief tour of the site, along with a description of the artwork, it’s inspiration and it’s intent. Narrated by Sandro Sebastian.

After Sandro Botticelli

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The Art Monk monastery serves as a respite from the anxiety inducing, jump and hurdling, “always in a crunch” and panicky lifestyle promoted in modern day society. Give your nerves a rest, and give the chattering, nervous voice inside your head a break from the insecurities that your culture has programmed into you from the first day of kindergarten. You deserve a chance to set your mind free and truly discover what it is capable of.
On this site you’ll find visual art, literary art, short stories with illustrations, music videos which utilize sounds departed from pop radio, and be sure to visit the art monk blog for book reviews, constantly updated.
After Sandro Botticelli
Short story samples available on The Art Monk:
Written Fiction

Written Short stories. 3-4 pages ea.

All short fiction is written by Sandro, and makes use of realistic, non-genre based settings and scenarios. The characters exist in a literary context, and not on far off alien planets or wizarding schools. No one here fights dragons or mythical beasts. These are a set of mere “slice of life” tales that choose to examine the quieter “moments between moments,” in life, when nothing grand is happening, but where all possibilities for self-realization momentarily flood in, before the gate closes and you move on to the next stressful ordeal.

Illustrated Books-Children to Young Adult Fiction

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Written and Illustrated by Sandro himself, these are easy to read, “magical realism” books that make use of a slightly off center reality that mimics our own, yet has its own quirky rules that create a slight unease, but compels one none the less. The story concepts are not unlike Sandro’s paintings, you might say. Great books for re-reading, and savoring the illustrations.

After Diego Velazquez

Little Sandro’s Exercises:

3-4 min. each
3-4 min. each

Watch an image come to life from a blank surface in a high speed executed video. Form is built up along with character and personality, slowly feeling the piece begin to look back at you and engage you. The “aura” of he work must come forth from the imagination as well as the form and figure.

“Bandages”- by Sandro Sebastian

A series of Acrylic portraits with metaphorical “wounds.”

Acrylic works on paper, giving a metaphorical description of emotional wounds we all carry. Sandro discusses with these paintings, what our bodies would look like if we wore our inner injuries as outer injuries. Some might look quite stylish, some quite beautiful.

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Sample Blog Post:

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: by Mark Twain

Another visit with an American legend, Mark Twain. I’d read this book before, and it recently popped back into my mind as I was thinking about the purpose of the arts and literature, and history. To feel engaged with the past, and feel a voice of a former time period reach through and reassure you in your present world, cheering you up in your current circumstance, you can really become nostalgic for a time period you were never part of. 

The innocence of the late nineteenth century, in rural southern America (politely disregarding the malicious racism for a literary experience), I love Twain’s unapologetic individuality. He’s deliberately teasing our notion of what literature is supposed to do. The children’s, magical world he describes is accurate to all generations of children, playing pretend. Acting as pirates, or playing cops and robbers, or having superstitious rituals and “voodoo” magic; that moment before you really learn how the world works, and are still filling in all the blanks with your imagination. 

  It’s sometimes important to think of a work as published in its time period, and what other genres it may have competed with at the time period. Children’s literature nowadays is a popular genre, with its own industry almost, due to how much money there is in it, but I’m thinking about a time period where an entire book dedicated to a childhood experience, told from the eyes of a kid, or a gang of kids, was probably a wildly new and innovative idea. Back in those days, it seems like most publishers would have thought that a child as the centerpiece of a narrative would not have offered enough stamina or charisma for an entire book. Maybe there’s not enough going on in children’s lives to hold the attention of adult readers… 

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Contact & Bio Page

Read the personal bio of writer and artist Sandro Sebastian and gain some insight into the intellectual and creative pathway that brought him to where you see him now. The journey of an artist and how he arrived at his aesthetic choices sheds new insight into the human condition, and how we experience our own existence.  Social media and contact info available as well.

Foreign Language Tools-Visual Flash Cards

Teaching aides for those interested in, or employed in language instruction. Short stories, about 2 minutes each, with simple scenarios that use basic grammar and vocabulary. All are accompanied by either illustrations or animations to help students learn words and phrases by visual association.