Short Fiction-Written Pieces


3 pages- single spaced

A middle aged man and his wife deal with the “empty nest” syndrome after the kids are out for good, retreating into their corners. She works in the garden, while he strolls along the boardwalk of a beach, daydreaming about the life he could have had, had he invested in a restaurant years ago, instead of letting his wife talk him out of it. Though time has moved on, and his career went in a different direction, dreaming is free, right?

“The Men of Marvin County”

2 pages – single spaced

A large grassy hill, just outside Marvin County’s town limit, accommodates the imaginations of generations of youngsters as they frolic along it and make believe they are in other times and other places. The little boys of today become the county’s leading men of tomorrow, with the hill forever standing solemn, watching over those it has created.


3 pages – single spaced

A frantic business woman is caught up in the stressful ordeal of moving her business to a new building, and on an especially  stressful day, by way of a mutual contact, crosses paths with a free-spirited artist who is fetching some of his paintings from a storage unit he shares with her. They discover through talking that their lives may not be so different.

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