Story Time with Sandro

Short stories written and narrated by Sandro Sebastian, put into video format with illustrated moments from the story accompanying the narration.
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“Patch”: A pair of strangers at different points in their respective life arcs meet for a regular rendezvous and trade insights, learning from each other more than they originally thought.

“My Man Jeff”: Jeff and his girlfriend are feeling some relationship ripples when he begins to spend more time on school than with her, and if he’s not careful, she just might start “testing the waters” around her for a nearby alternative, Jeff’s best bud, who may or may not want to believe her advances are what they seem.

“The Attic”: An older couple spends an evening in their empty nest while the husband reluctantly cleans out the attic, discovering remnants of a life now behind him, but, as he soon discovers, is very much alive in him.

“Like Blood for Oil”: The story of a twenty-something video store clerk dealing with a recent family tragedy along with his impending unemployment. This somber moment in his life, saturated with uncertainty and haziness is made light only by a spunky female video store regular who soothes his woes without verbally addressing his concerns.

“Bookshop”: A slice of life tale following three boys who show varying degrees of promise. One a trouble maker, and one a scholar, see who’s example the third boy follows in this short story.

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