Sandro Sebastian- Art & Imagination

The Art Monk monastery serves as a respite from the anxiety inducing, jump and hurdling, “always in a crunch” and panicky lifestyle promoted in modern day society. Give your nerves a rest, and give the chattering, nervous voice inside your head a break from the insecurities that your culture has programmed into you from the first day of kindergarten. You deserve a chance to set your mind free and truly discover what it is capable of.

On this site you’ll find visual art, literary art, short stories with illustrations, music videos which utilize sounds departed from pop radio, and be sure to visit the art monk blog for book reviews, constantly updated.

VIDEO: Demonstration of Painting Technique.

Classically Inspired, ancient civilizations and non-western cultures.

14×17 inches Acrylic on Paper 2021

Acrylic on paper 17×14 inches 2021

“The Equity of Knowledge”

18×24 inches

Oil on Canvas


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