Library-Arts & Culture Program Proposal

The proposed program is a 1 hour movie presentation of various creations by local artist and writer Sandro Sebastian, giving lectures about the benefits of studying classical works of art and literature, and how they benefit our mental health in the modern day.

The schedule will be from 5pm to 6pm every Friday evening. 1 hour showing the can run for several months at a time.

A 20 minute video essay introducing the concept of a “classic” as it pertains to literature. An unexpected, startling, un conventional way of thinking that we can connect with centuries later. Features sample passages from Jack London, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Charles Dickens.

A 24 minute video essay about the Mark Twain classic, and it’s cultural implications. An artistic product of a former era of America’s history and what we can learn from it.

A reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” with hand drawn illustrations by Sandro Sebastian.

Step by step paintings being built up, for the eye to see decisions being made. Along with a lecture about the emotional and spiritual side of the universe, and relying on God’s plan to build your confidence in the face of humanity’s abusive behavior.

A description of the Art Monk blog, and why it is valuable to read up on other times, places and figures throughout history to give your own time period perspective.

A trio of teenage boys navigate adolescence from different perspectives. One is a future scholar, one a dropout, and a slightly younger boy is a ne’er do well who is trying to get his act together. The younger boy is friends with the dropout, a sort of tough guy bully type who offers protection from other bullies, but when the young ne’er do well decides he wants to start studying, he must meet with the future scholar in secret, attempting to get his grades up so he can have a better future for himself. The dropout and the scholar however, the two older boys, have a long standing feud between them.

An 11 minute painting demonstration at high speed. Full painting start to finish, accompanied by Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.


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